Over 12 Hours of Cold!

Keeps 12 cans cold for over 12 hours (under 50°F)

Collapsing Instructions

Learn the 6 simple steps to collapsing your Freezable Personal Cooler.

Tips on Maximizing Cooler Performance

Use the following tips to achieve the best possible cooling results!

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Cool Contents Beforehand

The colder the contents are at the time of packing, the longer they will stay cold.

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Fill Your Cooler Completely

The fuller your cooler is with cold food (and cold drinks), the longer the contents will stay cold. A fully packed cooler, will stay cooler longer than a partially loaded cooler.

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Use Your Ice Packs

Your Cooler can be used with or without ice packs, however; the 2 removable high performance ice packs that come with your cooler surround your food to provide lasting cold temperatures.

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Keep Your Cooler Sealed

Cold energy escapes every time you open your cooler. For best results minimize the number of times that you open the cooler.

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For Extended Performance

Load your cooler the night before and store in the fridge. When ready to go, simply load the High Performance Ice Packs into their ice pockets without opening the cooler so that the first time you open the cooler is when you’re ready to eat or drink

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Add Ice or More Ice Packs

The fuller your cooler is with food, beverages and ice, the longer food will stay cold.

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