Lunch bag

Hi-Top Mega Munchsak®

This is one versatile lunch pack. Depending on the size of your lunch, the Hi-Top Mega Munchsak® has two different closure options, meaning that on those days when you want to take a little extra, you have the room to do so.  Not only that, but there are also two different carrying options. More…

  • Product ID Number: 1-60235-00-01

Hi-Top Power Pack

Need a lunch bag that packs a punch? The Power Pack insulated lunch pack is just the thing. With high density thermal insulation and a pull-down “garage door” style opening, this is the heavyweight champ of lunch bags.

  • Product ID Number: 1-63057-00-04

Lunch Bag Plus

Pop quiz. You made a great dinner and you want to send leftovers to school the next day. Do you: a) Use a brown paper lunch bag that isn’t strong enough; b) Use an old-fashioned lunch box that won’t keep the meal fresh; or c) Use the rugged Lunch Bag Plus with removable food container that keeps meals fresh? The correct answer, you won’t be surprised to know, is c) Use the rugged Lunch Bag Plus. Whew, that was easy.

  • Product ID Number: 5-54120-00-07

Lunch Pack M.D.

Sandwich? Check. Fruit? Check. Snack? Check. Drink? Check. Another snack? Check. This lunch bag is big enough for all of that and plenty more.

  • Product ID Number: 1-60190-00-07