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California Innovations began in 1986 and soon became a trailblazer in the soft-sided insulated product category. At about the same time, another company, Arctic Zone, had the same idea and competed with California Innovations for retail space. Both companies shared a passion for innovation and collectively have been responsible for virtually all game changing innovations for soft-sided products. In 2004, California Innovations acquired Arctic Zone and became the market leader in our category and continue to innovate the category.

California Innovations and Arctic Zone – “Cooler Together”………We now have offices worldwide, a large product design group, fashion and trend experts, graphic designers, marketing experts and a world class quality control and safety team. 

As our most popular heritage brand for insulated products, Arctic Zone is sold in major retailers around the globe. It has become our go-to brand and as such is celebrated on our website. From small lunch kits to humungous coolers, Arctic Zone delivers cutting edge designs and high quality products that have earned the trust of millions of consumers.

Our licensed brand portfolio includes Columbia, Elle, Disney and NCAA products.

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Some of California Innovations Brands